Allstate auto insurance is one of the largest car insurance providers in the United States. With almost twice as much market share as other competitors, its customers stay loyal and recommend this brand because of its financial strength and fairly strong customer service. Allstate uses local agents to help you find policies tailored to you and has developed a reputation as being one of the most trustworthy brands on the market. It reminds its customers that they are in good hands.

Shopping for cheap car insurance quotes, you will find that most auto insurance providers offer the same policies and most the same discounts. State laws differ from state to state, but providers keep up with these laws to tailor policies for you. While auto insurance quotes vary from driver to driver, Allstate provided our test group with some of the lowest rates. Obviously, if your situation is different, it is smart to shop around. Most sites, including Allstate’s, make it easy to find a quote online. One discount Allstate is known for is the accident forgiveness policy. This gives drivers a little leeway if they are in an accident. You can also get safe-driver and good-student discounts.

Price is a big factor when deciding on an insurance provider. However, the biggest complaint customers usually have after premiums is customer service. Every insurance company will have bad marks from disgruntled customers when it comes to customer care, and Allstate has its fair share too. But our cumulative study found that Allstate is above average when it comes to customer service. This company also does fairly well when it comes to claim service. Strong claim service means you should experience minimal hassle when you need to file an accident claim. The faster the claim settlement is made, the faster you can pay for repairs, and the faster you can get back into a working vehicle. Allstate ranks fairly high in these regards, but still has some work to do to raise its customer quality service and claims service score to match the best auto insurance companies.

Allstate Summary:

This company didn’t become one of the largest auto insurance providers by accident. Allstate has built its reputation throughout the years, earning the second-largest market share in the auto insurance marketplace. Allstate’s customer service scores could be a tad better, but for such a large company, it does pretty well.



Allstate has many discounts including the accident forgiveness policy.

The customer service scores are above average, but still needs work to become one of the top auto insurance providers.

The Verdict:

Allstate claims you will be in good hands with it. This company has pretty good claim service scores from its nationwide local agents.