Esurance is one of the most popular auto insurance companies on the web. This company does all its business online, meaning it doesn’t pay for local agents, which helps to the company pass savings onto you. While Esurance’s premiums may be low, its customer service pales in comparison to the best auto insurance companies. This insurance company is ideal for those on a tight budget, who are more inclined to handle their own car insurance without the help of customer service agents, and who enjoy doing most of their business online.

Esurance is a holding company that allows regional companies to underwrite your policy. This becomes a little bit of a nuisance if you bundle home and life insurance with Esurance. On one hand, you will get a multi-policy discount like many of the best auto insurance companies. However, since Esurance does not actually underwrite the policy, your policy may be handled two or three different companies as opposed to just one big carrier.

Esurance can consistently offer better car insurance quotes because it employs less overhead: By not hiring local authorized agents in every state, it reduces some salary costs, which is passed on in customer savings. The flip side of this call-center agent model is that you miss out on the face-to-face interaction with a real agent. Most people don’t like the hands-on approach when it comes to car insurance, which is why an agent puts more people at ease. However, if you are one that likes to tackle your policy head on, Esurance will work better for you. For customers who don’t mind handling most of their insurance business online or through the mobile app (one of the better auto insurance apps), the savings of Esurance are worth the loss of help from a local agent. That isn’t to say you can’t call an agent ever; Esurance has agents available 24/7 by phone. However, customer service quality and claim service ratings are well below average and don’t fare well when matched up against the best auto insurance companies. 

Esurance Summary:

Cheaper isn’t always better. Most customers will flock to find the cheapest car insurance quote, and Esurance is one of the most affordable car insurance companies; however, it does come at a price. If you want to handle your car insurance needs primarily online without an authorized local agent, Esurance’s savings are well worth it. Esurance is available 24/7 online or over the phone, but customer service scores suffer across the board.



Esurance does most of its business primarily online. Cutting out costs of local authorized agents means they can pass savings onto you.

Although Esurance offers 24/7 agents at your disposal; its customer service ratings and claim service satisfaction are mediocre when compared to the best auto insurance companies.

The Verdict:

Esurance offers very good value when it comes to auto insurance, but you will not get the face-to-face interaction with an authorized local agent like most auto insurers offer.