Editor's note: The company has informed us that it offers online assistance, vanishing deductibles and rental reimbursement. We will fully evaluate and relate new information when we next update the auto insurance reviews.

Liberty Mutual is one of the largest auto insurance companies in the nation. This Fortune 500 company has built a foundation with a strong financial rating, and it offers affordable insurance quotes. Its customer service score could be a little better, though.

If you’re looking for cheap car insurance quotes, Liberty Mutual was among the most affordable we found. Quotes will vary from person to person, of course. This company offers the policies and discounts you would expect from the top insurance companies. You will also find most of the discounts that the best auto insurers have.

Liberty Mutual has a very strong financial rating and is a consistent Fortune 500 company. The stronger the financial rating, the more likely a company will stay in business and pay out its claims in case of a disastrous event. Liberty Mutual is among the largest auto insurance companies in the United States.

For being such a large company, this company’s customer service rating is quite low. Liberty Mutual is one of the lowest-ranked when it comes to customer service and claims satisfaction. The best auto insurance companies have a high claim satisfaction score because they make filing a claim into a hassle-free process. A low claim service score means many customers have had complaints ranging from long claim approval times to low payments with some claims. Obviously, each customer’s experience will be different, but the data we compiled showed other top car insurance companies outshining Liberty Mutual.

Liberty Mutual Summary:

Liberty Mutual, one of the largest auto insurance companies in the nation, has some strengths and some weaknesses. Quote prices are quite comparable to the cheapest car insurance quotes we reviewed, and this company has a strong financial rating to back up its company. However, claim and customer satisfaction are below average when compared to our best-ranked auto insurance companies.


Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual is a large company with a strong financial rating.

This company sports one of the lowest customer service and claim service rating we reviewed.

The Verdict:

Liberty Mutual is one of the largest insurance companies and offers affordable quotes, but has low customer service scores.