Nationwide is one of the longest-running auto insurance companies in the United States. It has been around for more than 80 years. The insurance quotes from our test group were a little higher than most; however, Nationwide did score higher in customer service than lower-rated auto insurance companies.

The first thing people think of when looking up car insurance quotes is, “Who is going to give me the best price?” Using a controlled test group, we found Nationwide’s prices were higher than some quotes we received from other companies. However, quotes differ from person to person. It is recommended to shop around because some companies can offer a better quote suited to your specific needs. Nationwide has a strong financial rating, which means it has the appropriate funds to pay out claims for its customers.

After checking out prices, you want to know what the customer satisfaction level is for a company. Customer satisfaction is one of the biggest service you are paying for when you purchase insurance. Nationwide’s customer service is slightly above average when compared to other auto insurance companies. You want an agent that is available and knowledgeable to help you get the best priced and tailored policy to fit your needs. Most of your conversations with your agent will be questions about your policy as opposed to filing a claim.

Speaking of filing a claim, claim service is another important factor when buying car insurance. The best auto insurance companies have a good claim service rating because if you do happen to get into an accident, you want your auto insurance company to make this stressful event as hassle-free and easy as possible. You don’t want a company that takes a long time to cut you a check for repairs or one that makes it difficult with repair restrictions. In this area Nationwide is above average, with room for improvement but not the worst. Obviously, every company is going to have unhappy customers at some point, but the best auto insurance companies have fewer complaints.

Nationwide Summary:

Part of the reason you choose a company like Nationwide is for the longevity of the company. The reputation and strong financial rating means Nationwide will be around a good while and you don’t need to worry that the company will fold and you will have unpaid claims. Nationwide had above-average customer quality and claim service scores but also did so at a slightly higher price than some of our top-ranked auto insurance companies.



Nationwide has longevity on its side; it has built a reputation for itself and won’t be going bankrupt tomorrow.

Premiums were a little higher compared to our other test groups.

The Verdict:

It can be scarier to pick a no-name insurance company in case it goes under. Nationwide has spent 80 years building a reputation and developing trust with its customers.