• The Pros
    State Farm is the largest auto insurance company and works primarily through local agents. The company's commitment to building strong in-person relationships is one of the reasons it ranks highly in customer service.
    The Cons
    State Farm does not offer comparison quotes online.
    Our Verdict 9.45 /10
    State Farm is one of the biggest auto insurance companies and employs many local agents to find insurance that works for you.

    State Farm Review


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    Just because a company offers the lowest car insurance quotes, does not mean that company is the best. Factors such as customer friendliness and accessibility, claim satisfaction, and trustworthiness are also elements you need to consider.

    State Farm is a strong financial institution. It's the largest auto insurer in terms of net worth and market share and it’s easy to see why. State Farm consistently scores high in customer service rankings. It receives our Top Ten Reviews Gold Award because of its dedication to customer satisfaction and affordable rates

    Customer & Claims Service

    State Farm has been around for almost a century. This longevity can in part be attributed to the high level of customer satisfaction and happiness of its consumers. Across the board, State Farm scores very highly in customer service scores. State Farm employs nearly 20,000 agents nationwide, making it one of the largest auto insurers in the United States. The sheer size and endurance of this auto insurance company means that State Farm is one of the most trustworthy in the nation.

    When you compare car insurance, price is a factor – but remember: You get what you pay for. State Farm offers affordable prices comparable with the best auto insurance companies, but it also provides some of the highest claims service ratings among car insurance companies. Direct-sales companies sometimes offer slightly lower premiums because they don’t pay as many agents. If you feel comfortable without an agent, that type of company would work for you. With agents across the nation, State Farm trumps direct-sales companies when it comes to customer service. The value of having your own agent is a personal face-to-face relationship. This personal connection can be calming when you have to file claims, and can create a bond between you and your insurance company.

    Available Discounts

    There isn’t a formula for finding cheap car insurance quotes. Each individual will be different. Factors such as age, driving history and even the school you go to can help you save money on car insurance. Some discounts may be tailored to you; for instance, most companies, including State Farm, offer a good-student discount. This discount generally rewards students with B grade point averages or higher.

    Are you a good driver? Drivers with no at-fault accidents or moving violations in the last three years qualify for a good-driving discount of up to 10 percent from State Farm. For drivers under the age of 25, this auto insurance company offers a Steer Clear course that helps younger drivers refine their skills. Taking this class can provide extra discounts. Another class you can take for a car insurance discount is a defensive driving course. In some states, State Farm offers up to a 5 percent discount for drivers to who take this class.

    State Farm offers pretty much every discount you would expect from the best auto insurance companies and employs personal agents to match you with the applicable savings. One discount that not every car insurance agency offers is the Drive Safe & Sound Discount Program that State Farm has. This discount links with OnStar, SYNC and In-Drive to track your driving habits. The safer and less you drive, the more is discounted from your premium.

    Available Coverage

    In most states, having car insurance is legally mandated. All states require some sort of monetary protection in case of auto accidents. That is because traffic collisions can cost a lot of money and victims need to be protected. Most states require you to have liability coverage at the minimum. This is to protect other drivers in case you are deemed at fault for an accident. However, liability insurance will not cover any damage done to your own vehicle. If this sounds unappealing, you can add collision and comprehensive coverage. Other types of coverage that benefit you are underinsured-motorist, rental and roadside-assistance coverage. State Farm offers all these types. Full coverage isn’t for everyone; talk to your local agent to find the best policy tailored to your driving habits and level of comfort.

    State Farm is a mutual organization. Unlike joint-stock companies, it doesn't have to answer to shareholders. That means it can offer lower rates, take lower profits, and use the savings to build a better business without having to worry about endangering stock value. Mutual companies don’t have to pay out dividends to share holder’s and can refund a part of the provider’s surplus back to you, the policyholders.

    Policy Management

    One of State Farm’s biggest advantages is the number of licensed agents the company employs. You can get quote options online, talk to a representative over the phone, stop in at one of State Farm’s many offices and speak to an agent directly. A face-to-face meeting could be more comfortable then calling a direct sales company and having a cold talk over the phone. One of the drawbacks is that State Farm does not give comparison quotes, so if you want to shop around for prices, it will be a little more legwork. State Farm prides itself on customer service and even has agents available around the clock to help with quote and policy questions.


    State Farm is one of the biggest and best auto insurance companies in the business. It consistently ranks high on customer service and claim rating metrics year in and year out. This company’s local agents are available 24/7 over the phone, and State Farm offers fairly comparable prices to other top insurance companies. This company has all the discounts and coverage you would expect from a high-ranking car insurance company.