Upon first visiting Guardian Dental Care’s website, you’ll see that there is a great deal of information available to you. This information can make it easy for you to select an online dental insurance company, and it can be useful to you whether you choose Guardian Dental Care or not. The information is organized into categories that make it easy to find and easy to read. The website is easy to use, making it convenient and simple for you to research the company before committing.

Guardian Dental Care offers a variety of features designed to make managing your accounts with them easier, and to make setting up an account simple and quick. From the secure site that keeps your information safe and protected to the online enrollment that allows you to save time – the features make things super-convenient to you. With the ‘dentist finder’ tool, you can locate a professional near you who participates in the plan you’ve chosen, saving you even more time.

Guardian Dental Care is accredited by the Better Business Bureau, and they offer both group/employment plans and individual dental insurance plans. It’s not indicated on the website whether there’s a copayment option or not, but there is no pre-certification requirement. When it comes to the features offered by Guardian Dental Care, it’s easy to see that they’re a competitive company.

While many companies offer additional features (features that standout from the standard ones offered in the industry), Guardian Dental Care only offers one to speak of. That’s the ability to compare plans in order to determine which one would be best for your unique situation. This lets you look at the features and costs of each plan so that it’s easier to decide which one you’ll choose.

Few companies have excellent help and support. Most offer decent help and support options, but Guardian Dental Care truly shows their competitive side in this area. With the ability to read through the FAQ on their website to find answers to common questions, you can usually find the information you need without contacting a representative. However, if you should need to contact a representative, you can take advantage of the live chat option available, or you can send an email or make a phone call. With these options, Guardian Dental Care shows how important it is to them that you’re able to have your questions answered and your cares addressed.

Guardian Dental Care offers a few different options for payment – including online payment or manual payment. So, you can either pay online and save yourself time, or pay the bill manually; whichever is more convenient for you. It’s wonderful that you have options like these with Guardian Dental Care.

Guardian Dental Care Summary:

Overall, Guardian Dental Care seems to be an extremely competitive company that would benefit customers who are in need of dental insurance. Whether you’re an individual or an employer needing coverage – this company has a slew of advantages and benefits. While they’re a little lacking in the additional features department, they make up for it in the consistently positive and superior service offered in the other areas.


Guardian Dental Care

Guardian Dental Care offers both manual and online payment options.

Not enough additional services offered.

The Verdict:

An overall good company to look into and take out an insurance with.